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Hass Corp Mission

HASSBIO is a leading manufacturer of ceramic dental materials from South Korea, which was founded in 2008. Its flagship product is Amber Mill Direct, a pre-crystallised lithium disilicate-based millable glass ceramic block that helps dental professionals deliver chairside restorations within 1 hour, as only polishing is required after milling. The company is always considering what is right for human lives. A corporate who supplies systematic solution to help humans, the system beyond just a product. A corporate who contributes to society and humankind. HASSBIO has begun its journey from such dream and passion.

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Hass Corp Global network

Hass Corp Global network

HASS products

Amber Mill

Lithium Disilicate-Based CAD/CAM Blocks


Amber Mill DIRECT

Functionally Gradient Lithium Disilicate CAD/CAM Blocks

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Amber Press Master

Lithium Disilicate-Based High Fusion Press Ingots


Amber Press

Lithium Disilicate-Based Press Ingots


Amber Vest

Phosphate-Based investment material for ceramic press

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