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Watch videos covering Nobel Biocare’s products and new launches, clinical cases, trainings, symposia and events.

Envista Summit 2023 Dubai

T5. 11. Tháng 5 2023


Nobel Biocare N1

T3. 16. Tháng 7 2019


Experience of Dr. Tristan Staas with NobelActive

T6. 15. Tháng 2 2019

Dr. Tristan Staas focuses his practice and teaching interests in immediate implant placement and has over a decade of clinical experience with NobelActive. In this video, you will see three ...


How are dental implants tested? Fatigue test demo

T7. 1. Tháng 9 2018

Nobel Biocare performs fatigue tests to confirm the endurance of dental implant systems. Here is a brief overview and demo of fatigue testing of dental implants.